Top 05 Interview Tips for Your Bright Future

Don’t spoil your possibly only chance with your potential employer

I believe most people who come to visit this blog know what is a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. This 2 to 3 pages of your employment and educational history, achievements and personal details, is a very important document that introduces yourself to your potential employer.

However, I often heard a common complain from peers working as HR professionals or recruiters that many applicants fail to craft their CVs properly and end up failing to snag a job interview.

OK, I have compiled the top five blunders that job applicants make with their CVs. Check it out.

Interview Tips

Too fanciful. Indeed, some applicants have a knack for “creativity” in their resumes. They put in fanciful fonts, insert little shapes and pictures, change the font sizes and even colors. The end product will look overly messy. It will not sit well with a recruiter who has hundreds of resumes to view. It may also come across as not serious enough and unprofessional.

Too long winded. I know some applicants have many job experiences to put down in the resume, listing down all previous positions and write a detailed list of responsibilities in each job. However, this can work against you if the recruiter finds it too long winded and boring. Keep track of your word counts and your sentence structures to keep it short and concise.

Too personal. If you have just listed down your blood type, weight, height and possibly your favourite movie of the year, please take them out now unless the recruiters specifically ask for that. Some of the personal details are not useful at all to gain you a slot for interview. They may even take up much precious space in your resume which can be put to better use.

No contact details. Imagine an employer looking through your impressive CV and is awed by your accomplishments and experience. You are the ONE!!! He is about to ring you up but couldn’t find your email or contact number in the CV. This is one of the deadliest mistakes an applicant can commit. Double check that your contacts are present before you send out the CV.

Not job specific. Most job seekers will apply for more than one job at a time. Each job is different in different companies and different industries. Avoid churning out a one-size-fit-all CV. Not all the skills and experience listed in the CV are relevant to the new job. You can write a general and comprehensive CV but use it as a template to tailor it into a specific CV for each job.

Writing a CV is not a walk in the park. There are important things to consider. Generally, keep it short, sweet and concise with enough relevant details to interest the recruiter. Last but not least, avoid the top five blunders above or else your resume may end up in the garbage bin.

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