The Future of the Nursing Career

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The field of Nursing is very broad. Nurses can be found in hospitals, outpatient care, retirement homes, midwives and beyond! There is always a demand for nurses. There is approximately four times the number of active nurses as there are active doctors. The Nursing field has grown tremendously and this demand does not fluctuate with the economy.

Currently there is an increased demand for nurses today that can be attributed to many different factors. Many indicators of this increased demand are as follows: increasing number of elderly, growing population, rapidly growing health care industry, and an increase in home health care needs. As the baby boomers grow older, their health care needs are increased. The areas affected by the increase in elderly care are the hospitals, private home care, and nursing and retirement homes. The demands for nurses in these areas have increase dramatically due to the increase in the aging population.

As the population increases the demand for many other services increase including health care. Hospitals are compensating for this demand by increasing their staffing needs. Nurses are highly demanded professionals that are always needed for any position in the health care industry. Nurses are committed to their profession for many years. The average age of active nurses in the industry has increased by four years within the past decade! This equates to the fact that nurses are staying in their profession longer than they have in the past. This is a dedication to a profession that is hard to find! According to the Division of Nursing of the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, approximately 114,000 jobs for nurses will go unfilled in the year 2015. The growing demand for nurses is overtaking the number of nurses there are to fill that demand. This is a great reason to become a nurse in a profession that will always be stable no matter how much the economy fluctuates.

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