Job Interview Techniques

It is interesting. I speak to so many people over the course of a year and ask them what they think of the job interview candidates they had interviewed. Repeatedly the same reply comes back when I ask how they performed. They just didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear.

Job Interview Techniques

Actually at this point you probably think the interviewer wants to know the candidate can do the job. Well, yes to a point this is a start but actually it is not the whole reason for employing someone. The actual reason that most interview candidates look for is to solve a problem they have. Let me explain.

Yes, the interviewer has a problem. They have a situation vacant and they need someone to fill it. But they dont just need an individual to do a specific job. It is more that, they need someone who is going to remove their problem. They need someone who is going to take responsibility for that role and relieve the responsibility from the interviewer.
You see in many peoples eyes a job or a role is not just about fulfilling that job description. It is more that. It is about taking responsibility for the role. If the interviewee can demonstrate that they have responsibility and will be responsible for the position for which they are applying then it is easy for them to demonstrate that they can do the role in question.

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Even if they are not completely qualified the interviewer would rather train a candidate who is willing to accept responsibility than select someone who is better qualified but will not appear to accept that responsibility.

How many times do you hear someone say I am completely qualified for that role I should walk it? Well as demonstrated above there are actually other factors that come into play when looking to secure a role through the interview process. Being able to do the job is just one of them. Next you could also say is the candidate actually willing to do the job and so the list goes on. Demonstrating that you will be taking responsibility shows that you can more than meet the interviewers aspirations for the role. Actually you may not be the perfect fit for the role but you demonstrate the key element that the interviewer either consciously or subconsciously wants to hear.

Best of luck at your next interview.

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