How To Evaluate a Job Search Site

job search website

With so many job search sites offering free services, it can be hard to know which job search site is right for you. If you are looking for a one-size fits all job search site, you may be giving up quality resources in your industry. Instead of looking for one job search site, keep an open mind and plan on selecting several different types of job search sites. Plan on spending time on  general job search sites (example:, professional networking sites (example: Linkedin),  and niche / industry / geographic specific sites (example: While using job search sites, notice which features are most useful to you and your job search. Then look for those features on other job search sites.

In addition to looking at the features that you like, keep the following additional considerations in mind when evaluating an online job posting site:

  • Privacy: Does the site have a privacy policy? If it does not, this can be an indication that your data may be sold or misused. If there is a policy, do you understand what it says and how your personal information will be used?
  • Trust: Is the site trusted by your peers and others? Before turning over personally identifiable information, check with TRUSTe or BBBonline to check their rating. A quick Google search for the name of the site with “reviews” or “sucks” can also uncover if the job search site should be avoided.
  • Design: Is the job search site’s design pleasing to your eye? If the site is confusing to you or is “ugly” in your opinion, it may be hard for you to spend time using the job search site to find your next job. Your time may be better spent using a different job search site.
  • Cost: Does the site charge you to look at listings? There are many free job search sites available. Start with reputable, free job search sites.
  • Brand: Does the site treat you professionally? The site is providing potential employers with a first impression of you. If the site does not treat you professionally or you are embarrassed by the site name or other features, the site may not present you well to your future employer.
  • Personal Information: Does the site ask for personal information before allowing you to search through its open positions? This can be an indication that the job search site is not reputable.
  • Age of Open Positions: Do the job search results show when the job opening was posted? If the job listings are old, they may have been filled. The fresher the job postings, the better it will be for your job search.
  • Job Poster: Where does the site obtain its job openings? In most cases, it is better for you if the job openings are posted directly by the hiring employer instead of an agency. When the hiring employer posts the position, you will be dealing directly with the hiring company instead of through a third party.

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