5 Tips for Getting a Tamilnadu Government Job

Here’s a primer:

1. Select Your Area
There is a place for everybody in the government agencies out of generalists to business executives, and out of archaeologists to scientists.

This choice has to be determined by your qualifications and interests. Most government jobs require a minimal education qualification so make certain you employ to occupations for which you’re appropriately qualified.

2. Keep a watch for notifications
Authorities recruitment are often announced publicly through sites and magazines such as Employment News, keep tabs on them. You might also find a listing of Tamilnadu govt jobs within this part of our portal site. Keep checking these sources to get regular updates. Missing a program deadline normally implies a year’s wait or longer until new applications are encouraged.


3. Fill out the program carefully
Software for government jobs typically require candidates to meet with out a thorough application form. Complete your form carefully because a minor error can lead to your application being refused. Seek the support of somebody who has had previous experience fulfilling the form.

4. Prepare well
Virtually all government projects require candidates to provide qualifying assessments followed by an interview, even although the latter was scrapped from the Union authorities for junior level occupations beginning. While the character of assessments differs based on the job, virtually all examinations have a part on general knowledge and current affairs. A growing amount of tests also put an emphasis on numerical skill thus brush up on your mathematical abilities too. Previous years’ examination papers are easily obtainable and you need to undergo them. Joining an a training center might be a benefit.

5. Clear the examination and interview!
There is no reason to not succeed in the examinations if you have prepared thoroughly. Maintain time factor in mind, however, since most candidates complain that they had been not able to finish the paper. The meeting process may differ based on the task however, the panel is usually hot and cordial.

Government projects offer a continuous livelihood and take a certain quantity of prestige. However, the perception that operating at the government sector is less stressful than the private industry is not necessarily correct. Numerous high government officers are proven to work overtime, remain in office late at night, also adhere to strict deadlines. Therefore, in the event that you intend joining the government industry, do this for the ideal reasons. It may end up being a rewarding profession if you’re equipped with the ideal attitude.

Top 05 Interview Tips for Your Bright Future

Don’t spoil your possibly only chance with your potential employer

I believe most people who come to visit this blog know what is a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. This 2 to 3 pages of your employment and educational history, achievements and personal details, is a very important document that introduces yourself to your potential employer.

However, I often heard a common complain from peers working as HR professionals or recruiters that many applicants fail to craft their CVs properly and end up failing to snag a job interview.

OK, I have compiled the top five blunders that job applicants make with their CVs. Check it out.

Interview Tips

Too fanciful. Indeed, some applicants have a knack for “creativity” in their resumes. They put in fanciful fonts, insert little shapes and pictures, change the font sizes and even colors. The end product will look overly messy. It will not sit well with a recruiter who has hundreds of resumes to view. It may also come across as not serious enough and unprofessional.

Too long winded. I know some applicants have many job experiences to put down in the resume, listing down all previous positions and write a detailed list of responsibilities in each job. However, this can work against you if the recruiter finds it too long winded and boring. Keep track of your word counts and your sentence structures to keep it short and concise.

Too personal. If you have just listed down your blood type, weight, height and possibly your favourite movie of the year, please take them out now unless the recruiters specifically ask for that. Some of the personal details are not useful at all to gain you a slot for interview. They may even take up much precious space in your resume which can be put to better use.

No contact details. Imagine an employer looking through your impressive CV and is awed by your accomplishments and experience. You are the ONE!!! He is about to ring you up but couldn’t find your email or contact number in the CV. This is one of the deadliest mistakes an applicant can commit. Double check that your contacts are present before you send out the CV.

Not job specific. Most job seekers will apply for more than one job at a time. Each job is different in different companies and different industries. Avoid churning out a one-size-fit-all CV. Not all the skills and experience listed in the CV are relevant to the new job. You can write a general and comprehensive CV but use it as a template to tailor it into a specific CV for each job.

Writing a CV is not a walk in the park. There are important things to consider. Generally, keep it short, sweet and concise with enough relevant details to interest the recruiter. Last but not least, avoid the top five blunders above or else your resume may end up in the garbage bin.

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Simply Driven Professional Finance Jobs

Business meeting at board room


Position is expected to monitor and control the day to day financial operations of the hospital including accounting, accounts payable, payroll, cost accounting and budgeting.  The Controller also serves as the primary financial liaison in the absence of the Chief Financial Officer.A progressive, well respected hospital located in the Midwest.  Requirements include at least 7 years accounting/finance experience in a health care organization and a Bachelors degree in accounting.  Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills required as well as an in-depth knowledge of computer systems and a thorough knowledge of accounting rules and regulations.


Seeking an individual to manage a multi-service department including medical records, risk management, safety and quality improvement, as well as coordinate facility preparation for Joint Commission and state surveys. A nationally recognized, long term care facility.  Strong knowledge of hospital and long term care criteria, and a minimum of 5 years combined management level experience is required.


Medical center is seeking a Director of Health Information Management.  Responsibilities include managing the successful operation of the department, plan, supervise, and coordinate overall department activities and meeting JCAHO standards. Five years experience in Health Information Management Department and two years supervisory experience required.  Graduation from accredited ART or RRA program or eligible preferred.


Medical center is seeking an experienced Hospital Information Management Director.  BS HIM, RRA (RHIA), Minimum five years management experience in healthcare setting.  Highly motivated individual with excellent organizational and communication skills, PC skills essential.


Seeking Vice President- Finance to provide overall coordination for the finance and accounting functions.  Candidate will travel 40% between hospitals to implement system financial policies and participate in the development of policy changes.  Will also coordinate operating units and plans, assist with internal audits, review and evaluate the effectiveness of operation plans and programs, and recommend modifications as needed. A multi-facility healthcare system with locations across the Midwest In addition to excellent analytical skills, effective communication skills with a broad cross-section of internal and external personnel, and the ability to develop innovative solutions, you must possess: Masters Degree in Business Administration or related area; CPA preferred. 8+ years experience in financial management within a health care environment; health care system experience is desirable. The ability to guide and motivate a diverse multidisciplinary staff.


A leader in the health care industry seeks an individual who will establish controls and procedures to authorize service as required by payers; maintain a process for the submission of claims to the payers; administer processes for ensuring accounts receivable adjustments are considered/approved; and provide the receipt of cash deposit information related to trade matters.  The ability to supervise Reimbursement Operations Management and coordinate reimbursement matters with clinical, sales, purchasing, finance and IS departments is essential to this role. A four-year degree or equivalent work experience in Business/Health Care Administration required.  5-7 years progressively more responsible work experience including 2+ years supervisory/management experience and demonstrated knowledge of health care, third party billing, collection and information services is a must.  Strong problem solving and customer service skills are essential.


Seeking a Vice President of Finance/CFO.  The CFO will be responsible for the management of the fiscal affairs of the hospital and physician group practice.  The CFO will also be directly responsible for the accounting, billing, collections, accounts payable and accounts receivable departments.  Additional responsibilities will be to provide oversight to the Health Information/ Medical Records Department.   A 60-bed acute care hospital with a twenty-member specialty physician group practice.    Ideal candidate will possess a masters degree in business administration/CPA or equivalent education in a related field and at least five years of hospital financial management experience.


Seeking a qualified Corporate Compliance Officer.  Reporting to the CEO, this position directs and coordinates all activities of the Corporate Compliance Program at this 232-bed medical center.  CCO develops and administers Corporate Compliance Plan and Policies, investigates reported compliance issues, coordinates and oversees the CC Committee, provides compliance education, audits and updates Charge master, and periodically reports to Board of Directors. A Mid-size County Regional Medical Center. A Bachelors Degree and 8+years experience in Healthcare Finance, Auditing, Business Office and/or Medical Records required.  MHA/MBA and/or prior healthcare compliance experience preferred.

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The Future of the Nursing Career

career tips

The field of Nursing is very broad. Nurses can be found in hospitals, outpatient care, retirement homes, midwives and beyond! There is always a demand for nurses. There is approximately four times the number of active nurses as there are active doctors. The Nursing field has grown tremendously and this demand does not fluctuate with the economy.

Currently there is an increased demand for nurses today that can be attributed to many different factors. Many indicators of this increased demand are as follows: increasing number of elderly, growing population, rapidly growing health care industry, and an increase in home health care needs. As the baby boomers grow older, their health care needs are increased. The areas affected by the increase in elderly care are the hospitals, private home care, and nursing and retirement homes. The demands for nurses in these areas have increase dramatically due to the increase in the aging population.

As the population increases the demand for many other services increase including health care. Hospitals are compensating for this demand by increasing their staffing needs. Nurses are highly demanded professionals that are always needed for any position in the health care industry. Nurses are committed to their profession for many years. The average age of active nurses in the industry has increased by four years within the past decade! This equates to the fact that nurses are staying in their profession longer than they have in the past. This is a dedication to a profession that is hard to find! According to the Division of Nursing of the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, approximately 114,000 jobs for nurses will go unfilled in the year 2015. The growing demand for nurses is overtaking the number of nurses there are to fill that demand. This is a great reason to become a nurse in a profession that will always be stable no matter how much the economy fluctuates.

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Job Interview Techniques

It is interesting. I speak to so many people over the course of a year and ask them what they think of the job interview candidates they had interviewed. Repeatedly the same reply comes back when I ask how they performed. They just didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear.

Job Interview Techniques

Actually at this point you probably think the interviewer wants to know the candidate can do the job. Well, yes to a point this is a start but actually it is not the whole reason for employing someone. The actual reason that most interview candidates look for is to solve a problem they have. Let me explain.

Yes, the interviewer has a problem. They have a situation vacant and they need someone to fill it. But they dont just need an individual to do a specific job. It is more that, they need someone who is going to remove their problem. They need someone who is going to take responsibility for that role and relieve the responsibility from the interviewer.
You see in many peoples eyes a job or a role is not just about fulfilling that job description. It is more that. It is about taking responsibility for the role. If the interviewee can demonstrate that they have responsibility and will be responsible for the position for which they are applying then it is easy for them to demonstrate that they can do the role in question.

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Even if they are not completely qualified the interviewer would rather train a candidate who is willing to accept responsibility than select someone who is better qualified but will not appear to accept that responsibility.

How many times do you hear someone say I am completely qualified for that role I should walk it? Well as demonstrated above there are actually other factors that come into play when looking to secure a role through the interview process. Being able to do the job is just one of them. Next you could also say is the candidate actually willing to do the job and so the list goes on. Demonstrating that you will be taking responsibility shows that you can more than meet the interviewers aspirations for the role. Actually you may not be the perfect fit for the role but you demonstrate the key element that the interviewer either consciously or subconsciously wants to hear.

Best of luck at your next interview.

How To Evaluate a Job Search Site

job search website

With so many job search sites offering free services, it can be hard to know which job search site is right for you. If you are looking for a one-size fits all job search site, you may be giving up quality resources in your industry. Instead of looking for one job search site, keep an open mind and plan on selecting several different types of job search sites. Plan on spending time on  general job search sites (example: monster.com), professional networking sites (example: Linkedin),  and niche / industry / geographic specific sites (example: dice.com). While using job search sites, notice which features are most useful to you and your job search. Then look for those features on other job search sites.

In addition to looking at the features that you like, keep the following additional considerations in mind when evaluating an online job posting site:

  • Privacy: Does the site have a privacy policy? If it does not, this can be an indication that your data may be sold or misused. If there is a policy, do you understand what it says and how your personal information will be used?
  • Trust: Is the site trusted by your peers and others? Before turning over personally identifiable information, check with TRUSTe or BBBonline to check their rating. A quick Google search for the name of the site with “reviews” or “sucks” can also uncover if the job search site should be avoided.
  • Design: Is the job search site’s design pleasing to your eye? If the site is confusing to you or is “ugly” in your opinion, it may be hard for you to spend time using the job search site to find your next job. Your time may be better spent using a different job search site.
  • Cost: Does the site charge you to look at listings? There are many free job search sites available. Start with reputable, free job search sites.
  • Brand: Does the site treat you professionally? The site is providing potential employers with a first impression of you. If the site does not treat you professionally or you are embarrassed by the site name or other features, the site may not present you well to your future employer.
  • Personal Information: Does the site ask for personal information before allowing you to search through its open positions? This can be an indication that the job search site is not reputable.
  • Age of Open Positions: Do the job search results show when the job opening was posted? If the job listings are old, they may have been filled. The fresher the job postings, the better it will be for your job search.
  • Job Poster: Where does the site obtain its job openings? In most cases, it is better for you if the job openings are posted directly by the hiring employer instead of an agency. When the hiring employer posts the position, you will be dealing directly with the hiring company instead of through a third party.

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How to Instantly Improve Your Self-Confidence

Are you lacking in self-esteem? Maybe you have no self-belief or feelings of low self-worth? These are emotions many of us experience. Do you want to be stronger and feel you deserve a positive future?

Taking steps to change your attitudes and beliefs is not an easy thing to do. However, by learning how to challenge and motivate yourself, and setting your own goals you can find a way out. So to build the self-confidence and belief you’ve always wanted, read on to discover how you can make your new start…


Know Yourself 
Examine your life, thinking and behaviours and try to pick out the areas which contribute greatly to your stress levels, or look at the type of activities which make you feel anxious. Learn to recognise these areas in your life and the feelings associated with them when they arise, preparing yourself for them and monitor your behaviour accordingly.

Consider your body language
According to a study carried out by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) only 7% of human communication is verbal. This means the way you hold yourself, eye contact and facial expressions have a huge impact on the way you are perceived by others. Positive body language will give the impression of confidence and approachability. Eye contact or smiling gives people the ability to connect with you and feel comfortable around you. Slouching, folded arms and crossed legs are negative forms of body language as the present barriers between you and others. So sit up, smile
and walk with your head held high and you will see people noticing you and smiling back!

Explore your emotions 
Recognising the difference between healthy negative emotions and unhealthy negative emotions is very important. Remember: It’s okay to feel down or unhappy sometimes. Having a bad day doesn’t make you a failure Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take risks and don’t let the setbacks get you down Do things that scare you. Continue to work at the areas you find difficult and don’t be deterred if you find some habits harder to break than others

Healthy body, Healthy Mind
Several psychological studies have shown that people who take regular exercise are less anxious and report less emotional distress than those who are inactive. Exercise and diet can affect your emotional health, and is a great way of boosting your self confidence.
Firstly, taking regular exercise will increase the levels of serotonin in your body – your natural feel good chemical. Secondly, regular exercise will make you more fit and healthy which will have an inevitable effect on your physical appearance, improving your complexion, making you more toned and helping you lose weight. In addition, exercise is a great way of blowing off steam and reducing day-to-day stresses – it will also help increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

Goals for the future 
Set realistic and achievable goals for the future and fulfil life dreams. Never underestimate the power of YOU. You have the capabilities to achieve anything and with some hard work and commitment you can reach your goals. Without this self-belief your journey will be a lot harder – keep positive, build your confidence and change your life.
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